Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official student government of St. John Fisher University.

This self-governing body represents the students both in the internal and external community and acts as the instrument through which students are enabled to participate in decision-making related to the University. The SGA supports Fisher's mission of enriching student character and deepening intellectual inquiry in order to prepare students for a complex and diverse world. The SGA derives its mandate from the collective will of the student body.

The Executive Board of the Student Government Association oversees the operations of the SGA. The president and vice president are elected by student vote. The following positions are appointed to the executive board by the president and vice president: chief of staff, director of student life and organizations, director of financial affairs, director of academic affairs, and director of marketing and communications. 

The Senate is a branch of the SGA that acts as a deliberative assembly for campus issues and concerns. Senators are elected to represent certain constituencies and serve as a liaison in representing the interests of their constituency as well as communicating SGA business to their constituents. 

The Executive Board and Senate meet weekly while classes are in session. For more information, contact

Current students may view the SGA website on mySJF (login required).