Cost of Attendance Estimates for International Students

Annual cost of attendance estimate figures represent the minimum annual estimated expenses for the current academic year, based on federal financial aid information.

An F-1 student's financial resources must equal or exceed the minimum estimated expenses for the academic program they will pursue at Fisher for at least the first year of study in order to be eligible for a Form I-20 to study at Fisher. These figures are only a guide to be used for calculating estimated financial expenses for one academic year. Tuition and fees are subject to change and regular annual increase.

In computing estimated expenses, students are advised to bear in mind that F-1 status permits only limited employment opportunities. The applicant should not look to on-campus employment (permitted part-time during the academic year, full-time during official break periods) as a significant means of support while pursuing a degree program.

See the Statement of Financial Support [pdf] to complete the Certificate of Finances and for financial documentation guidelines and requirements.

Undergraduate Cost of Attendance 2024-25

Full-time Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Cost of Attendance
  Resident Living with Family Off-Campus
Tuition $40,090 $40,090 $40,090
Comprehensive Fee $1,100 $1,100 $1,100

Housing and Food (Tier 2 Meal Plan) or Living Expenses

$9,544 housing
$5,364 meal plan
$1,500 $15,608
Books (estimate) $650 $650 $650
Transportation (estimate) $500 $600 $600
Personal (estimate) $900 $900 $900
Additional Food Allowance $700
Estimated Cost of Attendance $58,848 $44,840 $58,948

*The Tier 2 meal plan is used when determining meal plan cost. Choosing a Tier 1 or Ultimate Dining Hall meal plan could increase cost. Learn more about meal plan options.

Note: Families are billed directly for tuition, fees, and on-campus housing and meal plan. Books, transportation, personal expenses, and additional food allowance shown above are average costs and are not included on the semester bill.

Graduate Estimated Cost of Attendance 2023-24

Graduate Estimated Cost of Attendance for International Students
  Tuition Fees Books, Transport, Personal Room & Board or Living Expenses Total Annual Cost
Pharmacy* $46,574 $525 $2,150 $14,872 $64,121
MBA** $23,418 $360 $2,150 $14,872 $40,800
DNP** $27,558 $360 $2,150 $14,872 $44,940
All other graduate programs** $19,692 $360 $2,150 $14,872 $37,074

*Cost estimates for the Pharmacy program is based on a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester (full-time), for the academic year. Actual tuition costs may vary based on credit enrollment and program.

**Cost estimates for graduate study based on a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester (full-time), for the academic year (min. 18 credits per year). Actual tuition costs may vary based on credit enrollment and program. Students must be able to demonstrate at least this minimum amount, regardless of on or off campus housing plans.

A student wishing to have his or her spouse and/or children accompany them as an F-2 dependent must include additional financial documentation to include the following amounts for each family member per academic year of intended study: Spouse: $6,200, Child $4,200.