Current Student Accessibility Information

Requesting Accommodations

In order to evaluate requests for academic and non-academic accommodations, you must follow the process to request accommodations.

Implementing Academic Accommodations

The coordinator of student accessibility services prepares a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) based on your documentation of disability. The LOA confirms that you are registered with the Student Accessibility Services office and outlines the accommodations you have been approved to use.

Student Responsibilities

  • Meet with the coordinator of student accessibility services to pick up the form and review the accommodation plan. If you are a returning student and do not want to make any changes to your LOA, you can email the coordinator directly at the start of each semester to request the updated LOA. LOAs will be distributed electronically; paper copies are available upon request.
  • Read and comply with the exam policy and procedures (outlined on the Test Accommodation Request).
  • Provide your LOA to the instructors of the courses in which you plan to use your accommodations. You may send the LOA electronically but should request an in-person meeting if details need to be discussed.
  • Check your Fisher email account regularly to maintain communication with Student Accessibility Services.