Student Bill and Payment FAQs

Below are answers to some of the most common questions we hear. If you have a question not answered here, feel free to contact the office.

Why haven't I received a bill in the mail?

Paper bills are not mailed. Fisher utilizes an electronic billing system where students and authorized payers can view billing statements and current account activity online through FisherPay. An email notification is sent to the student and any established authorized payers when a billing statement is available. The student must then log into FisherPay to view their bill. For detailed instructions, please see our FisherPay Guide.

When is my bill due?

Your due date is located in the upper right hand corner of your most recent billing statement. For more details about how to view your most recent billing statement, please see our FisherPay Guide.

Are there penalties for paying my bill after the due date?

Yes. If your student account is not settled by the due date on your bill, you may be subject to a late fee of up to $200. A hold may also be placed on your account which will prevent you from viewing grades and registering for future classes.

Why aren't my loans showing as a credit on my bill?

If your federal student loans do not appear as a credit on your bill, please make sure that you have completed all of the required financial aid steps. Outstanding financial aid steps can be viewed online through Fish 'R' Net. Your loans will not appear as a credit on your account until all of the necessary steps have been completed.

If you have applied for a private loan that does not appear as a credit on your bill, please contact your private loan lender to ensure that the loan was approved and that all application steps are complete.

How can I pay my bill?

Student Financial Services accepts payments online, by mail, in person, and over the phone. Please see Payment Options for additional details.

Are there tuition payment plans available?

Yes. Fisher offers a payment plan that enables you to pay your balance in installments over the course of the semester. For more information, please see Establish a Semester-Based Payment Plan.

How can I give someone else access to my billing statement?

You should establish them as an authorized payer in FisherPay. This will give them access to view your billing information and make payments online. It will also enable them to receive an email notification when a new bill is available for you. You can establish up to five authorized payers. For detailed information about how to establish authorized payers, please see our FisherPay Guide.

Can I set up a secondary email account for billing notifications?

Yes. Although we encourage you to check your Fisher email regularly, you can establish a secondary email for billing notifications. To do this you will need to log into Fish 'R' Net, click on 'Payment and Billing Information,' click on 'FisherPay,' and then click on 'User Preferences.' Type your secondary email into the appropriate box and click 'save.' When a new billing statement is available, an email notification will be sent to both your primary and secondary email accounts.

Can I receive a text message when a new bill is available?

Yes. Students and authorized payers can sign up to receive a text message when a new billing statement is available. Our FisherPay Guide contains detailed instructions on how to sign up for text message alerts.

When can I expect a refund if I have a credit balance on my account?

Credit balances are paid to the student or parent no later than 14 days after:

  • The date the credit balance occurred on the student account, if the credit occurred after the first day of class, or
  • The first day of classes, if the credit balance occurred on or before the first day of class.

You will receive an email from Student Financial Services when a refund has been processed for you. We strongly encourage the use of direct deposit for student refunds as it is the quickest, simplest, safest way for us to get your funds into your hands. The Student Refund Direct Deposit form can be completed electronically through Fish 'R' Net.

Can I use my credit balance to purchase books and supplies?

Yes, you have two options:

You can transfer up to $800 of your anticipated credit balance to your Cardinal Cash Account to be used for books and supplies through eCampus approximately one week prior to the start of classes. Anticipated credit can be transferred by completing a Cardinal Cash Transfer Request form. These forms can be submitted electronically through Fish 'R' Net. Please see Cardinal Cash for more details.

You can also request an advance against your anticipated credit by completing the Promissory Note for Financial Aid Advances form available on Fish 'R' Net. Advances are available on the first Friday after classes start. If you have direct deposit set up, the funds will be transferred directly to the bank account on file. If not, a paper check will be available in our office for pick up.

What if I forget my Fish 'R' Net PIN?

Your Fish 'R' Net PIN can be reset online using the 'Forgot PIN' or 'Reset Fish 'R' Net PIN Here' options. If you are unable to reset your Fish 'R' Net PIN online, you should contact the Registrar's Office at (585) 385-8015 or at

What if an authorized payer forgets their password?

Your student can reset your password by logging into FisherPay. The student will need to select 'Authorize Payers' from the navigation bar, and then select the record of the authorized payer needing a new password. Then click on 'Edit,' then 'Reset Password.' After your password is reset, you will receive an email notification with your new temporary password.

What do I do if an outside scholarship does not appear as a credit on my account?

You need to notify the Office of Student Financial Services of any outside scholarships you are receiving before they will appear as a credit on your account. This can be done online through Fish 'R' Net, or by submitting a copy of the scholarship letter to the Office of Student Financial Services.

What if my employer is paying all or a part of my tuition?

You can have the portion of your tuition that your employer is paying deferred until the end of the semester by submitting a Payment/Reimbursement from Employer Plan (PREP) form. The form is available on the Documents and Forms page. Any portion of your balance that is not being covered by your employer must be paid by the due date on your bill. A new PREP form needs to be submitted each semester that you are receiving an employer reimbursement.