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Graduate Enrollment Guide

Thanks for choosing to attend Fisher. We think you've made a smart choice! This website is designed to include everything you need to get started.

Be Sure to Access your Network Account

Your network account allows you to log on to all campus computers and access important online systems and Fisher apps. You will use your network account to access the patient portal and submit your health history and immunization forms. Current Fisher students maintain their network credentials.

First Time Log In

About Your Network Account User ID

Your Network User ID (which is also available in your Admissions Portal) is three initials, a zero, and the last 4 digits of your Fisher Student User ID Number (often referred to as the @number). If you do not have a middle initial, use your first and last name initials. For example, if your name is John Robert Smith and your Student User ID Number is @00376483, your Network User ID would be jrs06483. If your name is Jane Smith and your Student User ID Number is @00487594, your Network User ID would be js07594.

Resetting Your Password

To access your network account, you will need to use your Network User ID. You are required to change your password before using any online campus resources. Your initial password has a specific format:

  • The first letter of your FIRST NAME (lower case) +
  • The character "!" +
  • The first letter of your LAST NAME (lower case) +
  • The character "$" +
  • The first 2 digits of the last 4 numbers of your SJF ID # +
  • The Character " # " +
  • The last 2 digits of the last 4 numbers of your SJF ID

Example of initial password: a!b$12#34

To refer to these instructions while creating your initial password, you may want to open the following link in a new tab. 

Reset Your Password

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Registering for Classes

You will be contacted by your admissions counselor to register for classes for your first graduate semester at Fisher.

Pharmacy students will be registered by the Wegmans School of Pharmacy.

Complete Financial Aid Requirements

Log in to Fish 'R' Net to accept or decline financial aid, complete loan entrance counseling, review outstanding financial aid requirements, and more.

To access Fish 'R' Net, you will need your Student User ID Number which begins with the @ symbol (this number is also available in your Admissions Portal). If this is your first time accessing Fish 'R' Net, your first-time pin is your birthday in mmddyy format.

Access Fish 'R' Net

Submit Final Transcript(s)

Official college transcripts showing completed grades for previous coursework in progress and/or degree completion should be requested and submitted once final grades and/or degrees are posted.

Provide Immunization Records

You must provide proof of immunity to measles, mumps, rubella, and meningococcal meningitis. Please upload your immunization record from your medical provider to the Patient Portal. Instructions for entering and uploading your information are in the portal.

  • You are waived from this requirement if you are taking less than 6 credits.
  • If you are enrolled in one of our online programs, you may be exempt from this requirement. Please visit the Patient Portal for more specific instructions.

Log into the Patient Portal

Settle Your Bill

After course registration, your bill will be available online. The due date is on the top right side of your bill. If someone will be helping you settle your bill (parent, family member, etc.), be sure to set them up as an Authorized Payer so they receive billing information. Instructions on how to set up an Authorized Payer can be found in the FisherPay Guide.

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Reserve a Parking Permit

All vehicles on the Fisher campus must be registered with the Office of Safety and Security and display a valid parking permit or pass on the vehicle. If you plan to park on campus while attending classes, register your vehicle to avoid fines.

Register your vehicle

Submit an ID Photo

Please submit a headshot to be used for your Fisher ID Card. You should submit a photo that has a neutral background and doesn't include hats or sunglasses. Please email your photo as a .jpeg using the subject line of your last name, first name to (example subject line: Smith, Amelia)

Attend Orientation

You will receive details to your Fisher email address regarding program orientation (including dates and registration).

Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services obtains and secures disability-related documents, verifies eligibility, and develops plans for providing reasonable accommodations.

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If you've completed all of these steps, you are ready to begin your Fisher experience. If you still need assistance, please call the Office of Admissions at (585) 385-8064 or contact your counselor. We can't wait to welcome you home!