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A Beneficial Union Patrick Gordon, Katie Burakowski, and Todd Harrison holding a Flower City Union banner

07/16/2021 - How Fisher’s graduate sport management program developed alongside a unique and revolutionary partnership for students.

Celebrating 50 Years of Fisher Females Left to right: Sally Read ’75, Antoinette Giordano Cooper ’75,  Michele Micalizzi McCarthy ’75, Gloria Pucci LoVecchio ’75,  Judy Magro Goonan ’75, and Jacqueline Peterson ’75. Taken in 1971.

03/27/2021 - In September 1971, 65 women made history as the first females to enroll at St. John Fisher College. Among those were 30 first-year students, dubbed “freshettes” by then president, Rev. Charles Lavery.

In Memoriam: Donna Salmon ’79 Donna Salmon

03/26/2021 - The Fisher alumni family lost a trailblazer and advocate in 2020. Donna Salmon ’79 passed away on December 8.

1994 Grad Has the Goods Mike Connolly head shot

03/26/2021 - Michael Connolly ’94 began his career with retail giant Walmart, where he rose through the ranks learning logistics, global supply chain, merchandising, and regional management.

Bill Lang ’08 Delivers Bill Lang with an Amazon delivery van in the background

03/26/2021 - What do a broadcast news producer, a fire marshal, and those blue Amazon delivery vans have in common?

The Man Behind the Curtain A computer screen with a Zoom meeting in the foreground and students dancing distanced in the background

03/26/2021 - For the past 15 years, Fisher’s Media Services Team Leader Matt Miller ’14 has been providing media support for the Teddi Dance, a role that took on a new level of significance in 2021.

WHOA Teddi! Transforming the Dance For Love Teddi students in the foreground with the word

03/26/2021 - There were dancers, large screens, and signage strewn around the space. There were balloons, sashes, and stuffed teddy bears donned in this year’s t-shirt. And the group was back where it all began – in Cleary Auditorium – on a cold February weekend, all in the name of love.

Cardinal Quirks: Recruiter Dave Roberts Brings A Little Magic to Fisher Dave Roberts standing with family at the Magic Kingdom

03/26/2021 - Dave Roberts wants you and your family to have fun, learn a lot, and leave campus with a positive feeling when you visit Fisher for a tour. As Fisher’s senior associate director of freshman admissions and athletic recruitment, it is something he strives for every day, and it brings results. He has helped recruit the largest freshmen classes in College history during his nearly 20 years at Fisher.

The Impact of Women in Sport at Fisher A collage of three photos: coach Phil Kahler speaking with a basketball player on the sidelines, Emily Markarian field hockey, coach LInda Michele on the sidelines

03/26/2021 - Sean Farnsworth ’05, director of Sports Information, shares the history of women in sport at Fisher.

Cardinals in the Classroom Collage of headshots of Lesli Myers-Small, Kimberly Brown, Brian Siesto, Gina Roselli, Megan Eddy, Matt DiGiambattista, Alivia Clark, and Tim Coon

11/16/2020 - There isn’t an industry, sector, or profession that hasn’t felt the jolting changes caused by the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus. But, it could be argued that education, in particular, has felt that disruption more than other entities, as teachers, administrators, students, and families experience new models of education together.

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