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Emergency Response Plan: 
(9) References

9.1 References

Clery Act as amended by HEOA (2008)

The Clery Act requires emergency response procedures that must address three specific requirements in order to fully comply. The procedures must provide for emergency notifications of immediate threats, at least one test of the emergency response procedures annually, and procedures for publicizing the procedures in conjunction with the annual test.

National Incident Management System (NIMS)

NIMS is a comprehensive, national approach to incident management that provides the template for incident management, regardless of cause, size, location, or complexity. It is applicable at all jurisdictional levels and across functional disciplines.

FEMA Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 101

This Guide is used by all levels of government, as well as many colleges and universities, to prepare emergency operations plans. The focus of the guide is on the planning process, as well as plan consistency and NIMS compliance.

Emergency Response Team Handbook Revised and Updated: January 2020