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Emergency Response Plan:
(6) Communications

6.1 Emergency Notification

During an emergency, St. John Fisher University will use the following means and methods of notifying the campus community and communicating with necessary personnel.

RAVE Alert System

This is an alert emergency notification system that allows us to communicate with and alert the entire campus in minutes using all communication modes to send emergency alerts through landlines, mobile phones, email and text messaging.

In addition to making campus wide notifications, the ERT may be activated using this system by messaging the ERT users group.

InformaCast Notification System

This is a notification system that allows us to send messaging to any Cisco-based landline phone on campus.

Cell Phones

Members may be contacted, activated or otherwise communicate with other ERT members utilizing an available cell phone.

Two Way Radios

In the event of an emergency, University-owned radio equipment will be distributed to ERT members based on their role and radio availability.

6.2 Emergency Dispatch Center

Safety and Security maintains an emergency dispatch center which is available 24/7/365. The Dispatch Center monitors all campus fire and intrusion alarm systems via alarm software The Dispatch Center is equipped to communicate via 2-way radio on 2 different radio frequencies as well as the ability to communicate with the Brighton Fire District and the Monroe County Sheriff's Department via radio when needed.

Methods to contact the emergency dispatch center are:

  • Voice (585) 385-8025 (or x8111 from an campus business phone)
  • Emergency blue-light phones
  • Panic buttons (where installed)

Emergency Response Team Handbook Revised and Updated: January 2020