Educational Leadership Success Stories

The value of a Fisher education is evident in personal stories of success told by students and alumni. Read what they have to say about the program and what they gained from their experience.

Barry Tierney '18

Assistant Principal, Eastern Monroe Career Center, Monroe #1 BOCES

Barry Tierney

Barry Tierney

Barry Tierney credits his leadership and training experiences in the Navy for leading him to what would eventually become a rewarding career in education. “I realized the aspect I enjoyed most about my time in the Navy was the professional growth and training, both personally and for those I was fortunate to lead.”

Deciding what subject and level to teach was easy. “I’ve always enjoyed learning about how the past has shaped our future, especially during my global travels,” he shared. He was drawn to teaching at the high school level, as he views it as a crucial time in a young person’s life, and he wanted to help prepare them to enter a diverse and challenging 21st century.

As a Regents-level social studies teacher at Monroe County BOCES, Tierney was able to do just that. He worked with students with disabilities and guided his students through learning experiences that were both challenging and enriching. Teaching also allowed Tierney to collaborate with peers to develop new initiatives and processes. He enjoys building relationships and developing new initiatives and processes to help students succeed.

Tierney wanted to make a difference and felt the best way to do so was through pursuing a career as a leader in education, and Fisher’s educational leadership program was the next stop along his journey.

“Choosing Fisher was easy because the program is the best at preparing students for the challenges they will face in the field through a practical education experience.”

Currently, Tierney is assistant principal at Eastern Monroe Career Center (EMCC), Monroe #1 BOCES, where he provides support for more than 600 students and staff members and communicates with component districts on a daily basis. Although he is just beginning his career in educational leadership, he looks forward to a career providing the support students need to succeed.

Tierney advises students to have patience and positivity in order to find long-term success. “Life is full of challenges. Finding the right job and career may take time. You will make mistakes, you will fail, and that is okay. It is an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.”