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An educator as a student at a computer in a graduate-level classroom.
M.S. in Educational Leadership
  • Certification options: 2
  • Months to completion: 15
  • Fisher family:1

M.S. in Educational Leadership

Fisher’s educational leadership program provides the tools that help you become a highly capable, compassionate, and ethically responsible school leader.

The school building and school district leader program is for candidates obtaining their second Master of Science in Education who are seeking NYS certification at both the school building and school district level.

This modular model program is fully online and encompasses:

  • Development of effective leadership
  • Planning and implementing school improvement strategies
  • Effective public communication
  • Continuous school improvement

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See Success at Fisher

Fisher's 32 credit educational leadership graduate program is a must for working teachers interested in taking on a leadership role in their school or district.

Join us on Zoom to learn about program requirements and the application process, and get your questions answered.

Program Overview

The program places you in the principal's or district-level administrator's seat while simulating the responsibilities of deciding what to do when time, ethics, and limited resources are factors.

The curriculum combines theory, authentic case studies, class discussions, online course components, candidates’ experience, and field-based internships to address current and emerging issues impacting the quality of education.

Upon completion of the program, you will be required to achieve satisfactory scores on the school building leader and school district leader assessments, administered by the state, to achieve certification and graduate from Fisher.

 Students in the program can expect to gain knowledge of leadership principles and practices in education. The program prepares students for effective leadership roles in schools and other educational organizations. ”

Tasha Potter
  • Dr. Tasha Potter
  • Adjunct Faculty, Educational Leadership Program Assistant Superintendent for Equity and Access Penfield Central School District

 The fully online program allows students the opportunity to take their education to the next level with the flexibility of working and managing a family as well. ”

Allison Rioux
  • Dr. Allison Rioux
  • Adjunct Faculty, Educational Leadership Program Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Brighton Central School District

 I would highly recommend Fisher’s graduate education program as I believe it is a well-rounded, current, and carefully curated experience that will prepare anyone for the realities of teaching. ”

Adam Tatar
  • Adam Tatar '09
  • Director of Instruction and Student Services at Kendall Central School District