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Student with laptop and notepad in library with another student.
Online M.S. in Library Media (Teacher Librarian)
  • Years to completion: 1-2
  • Credit hours req’d: 30
  • Fisher family:1

Online M.S. in Library Media (Teacher Librarian)

Fisher’s online library media program leads not only to initial certification as a library media specialist, but also to professional certification in your original initial teaching certificate area.

The program effectively prepares you to undertake the productive, critical, and efficient use of libraries, media, and information technology. You also will learn many ways to contribute, in a collaborative manner, to student literacy and inquiry skills.

The program is designed for those who hold initial teacher certification and wish to specialize in library media. As a library media graduate, you may also apply for your certificate as a public librarian.

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A student teacher reads with two young children in a classroom setting.

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Fisher's online library media program is a must for working professionals who hold initial teacher certification and wish to specialize in library media.

Join us for a Zoom session to learn about program requirements and the application process, and get your questions answered.

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Program Overview

The online library media curriculum includes 24 credit hours of graduate-level coursework specific to school librarianship. In addition, you will complete six credit hours of practicum (at elementary and secondary levels) with guidance from the program director.

See Yourself at Fisher

Hear how Fisher's online library media program was instrumental in the career advancement of two recent graduates.

 The online M.S. in Library Media program put practical learning, real-world application, and ahead-of-the-curve thinking front and center. ”

Eva Grasso
  • Eva Grasso
  • Library Media Specialist

 The online library media program at Fisher allowed me to work full-time as an educator and complete the program while also being a wife and mother. ”

Melissa Bohrer
  • Melissa Bohrer '20
  • Librarian

 I was drawn to Fisher for the program’s flexibility. I loved the fact that the coursework could be completed online. Teaching full-time with a family, the program allowed me to work on my own schedule around my family and work responsibilities. ”

Jennifer Costello
  • Jennifer Costello '20
  • Library Media Specialist, Laurelton-Pardee Intermediate School