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Political Science
  • Student to faculty ratio: 12:1
  • Typical class size: 20-25
  • Fisher family:1

Political Science

The political process itself is frequently as compelling as the policies that result from it. Fisher’s political science program gives you access to the inner-workings of the nation and the world, with regard to governance and the law.

Majoring in political science at Fisher offers many benefits and opportunities, including:

  • Close interaction with outstanding faculty
  • Collaborative research projects
  • Ability to design your own program within the major or minor

The political science program highlights Fisher’s multidisciplinary, liberal arts focus. Electives highlight a connection to popular culture by showing how politics and government are represented in film, art, and music.

Students participate in a simulation of the European Union.

Students participate in a simulation of the European Union.

Program Overview

Throughout the political science program, you will learn through discussion of texts and cases, simulations, research reports, and internship experiences. Your studies begin with several specific courses that serve as an introduction to politics and political theory. In addition to required Core classes, political science electives make up the rest of the credit hours necessary to achieve your bachelor of arts degree in this discipline.

Courses within the program are informally organized by subfields: political theory, American government, legal studies, comparative politics, and international relations. As a political science major, you are encouraged to choose electives within the subfield of your choosing, thereby tailoring the program to meet your interests and needs.

Within this program, you also are encouraged to pursue a second major. Fisher offers several programs in fields that are relevant to political science, such as international studies, economics, and legal studies.

Life After Fisher

With a degree in political science, you will be prepared for careers in government, politics, education, or business and industry. Alumni of the political science program have gone on to jobs in areas and for organizations such as:

  • State and local public administration
  • Civil service
  • Foreign service
  • Nonprofit agencies
  • United Nations
  • Research consulting agencies
  • Armed Forces

The program also provides an excellent background for continuing your education. With a degree in political science from Fisher, you are well-equipped to pursue an advanced degree in either graduate school or law school.

 All of the hands-on experience I gained at Fisher helped me land an amazing job. The faculty are amazing people who love what they do and work hard to help students become successful graduates. ”

Diana Delrio
  • Diana Delrio '22
  • Supervised Release Coordinator at Brooklyn Justice Initiatives

 As a first-generation college student, the values I learned in my time at Fisher have been instrumental in developing me as a person and professional. ”

Anthony DiPerna
  • Anthony DiPerna '16
  • Assistant District Attorney, Monroe County

 My education molded me into someone who wants to continue learning for the rest of their life. Fisher has provided me with the necessary knowledge and skills that I can use in whatever career I choose to go into. ”

Dylan MacQuoid
  • Dylan MacQuoid '20
  • Political Science and Media and Communications