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Women and Gender Studies Advisory Board

The Women and Gender Studies Advisory Board meets regularly to aid in program assessment and development, to implement campus programming, and to share information and provide feedback about the minor. 

Areas of Interest: Supporting students with disabilities in inclusive settings, including students who are deaf-blind, and critical analyses of text and film representations of disability.
Katrina Arndt
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Interrelationships between stigma, health, and wellbeing; the psychology of weight; pedagogical research
Kimberly McClure-Brenchley
Visiting Assistant Professor and Program Director, Women and Gender Studies
Areas of Interest: US and global queer studies; disability studies; critical race theory
Lisa Cunningham
Adjunct Faculty
Adjunct Associate Professor and Health Professions Advisor
Virginia Maier
Associate Professor; Chair, American Studies Department; Interim Program Director, African American Studies
Jennifer Rossi
Visiting Assistant Professor
Robert Ruehl
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Women and gender studies; indigenous literature; world literature
Jebaroja Singh
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Rhetorical criticism and theory, U.S. rhetorics of social reform and progressive politics, women's gender and sexuality studies, composition pedagogy and administration
Jill Swiencicki