Gender and Sexuality Studies Faculty

Fisher faculty are dedicated, highly credentialed professionals who consistently make the advancement of scholarship in their respective fields a top priority. 

Areas of Interest: Supporting students with disabilities in inclusive settings, including students who are deaf-blind, and critical analyses of text and film representations of disability.
Office:RCW 109
Phone:(585) 385-7215
Katrina Arndt
Professor and Chair, Anthropology and Sociology
Office:Kearney 311B
Phone:(585) 385-8220
David Baronov
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Interrelationships between stigma, health, and wellbeing; the psychology of weight; pedagogical research
Office:Pioch 103G
Phone:(585) 385-8171
Kimberly McClure-Brenchley
Visiting Assistant Professor and Program Director, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Areas of Interest: US and global queer studies; disability studies; critical race theory
Office:Pioch 119
Phone:(585) 899-3723
Lisa Cunningham
Areas of Interest: Scholarship of teaching and learning, curriculum design, assessment, sport sociology focusing on gender, activism, and diversity.
Office:Basil 117
Phone:(585) 899-3803
Emily Dane-Staples
Adjunct Faculty
Office:Basil 022B
Associate Professor and Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Areas of Interest: Mindfulness. Application of mindfulness in the classroom, mindfulness and college student well-being and academic success, mindfulness and diversity
Office:KEARN 203
Phone:(585) 385-8011
Melissa Goodwin (Ghera)
Office:Basil 131
Phone:(585) 385-7385
Barbara Lowe
Associate Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Religious Studies
Office:Pioch 130
Phone:(585) 385-8363
Linda MacCammon
Associate Professor of Sociology/Anthropology & Public Health, Director Gerontology
Areas of Interest: Sociology of aging, health, family, mental health; Latinos/as in the U.S.; Hispanic cultural studies.
Office:Kearney 407
Phone:(585) 385-5279
Marta Rodriguez-Galan
Associate Professor; Chair, American Studies Department; Interim Program Director, African American Studies
Areas of Interest: anti-racism, social justice, DEJI, activism studies; autobiography and memoir studies; Black women’s literature and cultural history; dialogue studies (circle processes, non-violent communication, restorative practices, race and gender dialogues, Sustained Dialogue); immigration and refugee studies (fiction, memoir); pedagogy theory (place-based, community-engaged, Black feminist); and race, racism, and whiteness studies.
Office:Fay 103
Phone:(585) 385-8110
Jennifer Rossi
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Women and gender studies; indigenous literature; world literature
Office:Kearney 306C
Phone:(585) 385-8175
Jebaroja Singh
Adjunct Professor
Areas of Interest: Film studies, American film history, queer film and feminist film theory, cultural studies in film, Hitchcock
Office:Basil 022A
Deborah Sutherland
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: History of rhetoric; feminist rhetorical theory; the teaching of writing.
Office:Fay 102
Phone:(585) 385-8214
Jill Swiencicki
Professor and Chair, History Department
Office:Basil 124
Phone:(585) 385-8244
Carolyn Vacca