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New Program at St. John Fisher College Prepares Students for Careers in Athletic Performance

March 7, 2022

Students interested in pursuing careers in the health and fitness industries can build needed skills and knowledge in exercise science, psychology, and biomechanics through a new program at St. John Fisher College. Fisher will introduce its new Bachelor of Science in Athletic Performance in fall 2022.

A student works out in the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Athletic Center.

“Our program is designed to teach students how to take a holistic, science-based approach to promoting health and improving athletic performance,” said Dr. Tim Franz, professor and chair of the Psychology Department, who will serve as interim director of the program. “We are very excited to offer this cutting-edge curriculum to our students; it is a unique blend of exercise science and psychology, resulting in an understanding of the biology of human performance in combination with the psychology of motivation that work together to improve athletic outcomes.”

While the program will be housed within the Department of Psychology in the School of Arts and Sciences, students will also engage with faculty from biology and physics, among other programs.

Franz said that the program will arm graduates with the highly sought-after knowledge in key areas—including nutrition, anatomy and physiology, sports psychology, motivation and performance, and cultural competency—that are necessary for industry professionals to create and deliver fitness and exercise programs that will improve and enhance an athlete’s performance. The program will prepare graduates to work or pursue licensure in several sectors, including fitness facilities, corporate wellness, sports rehabilitation, health care, functional strength coaching, and sports psychology.

“I am proud to see several strong programs within the School of Arts and Sciences collaborate to create this interdisciplinary and innovative major,” said Dr. Ann Marie Fallon, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. “The new program is an excellent example of how the liberal arts and professional programs work in tandem to prepare students for successful career pathways.”

To learn more about the program, call the Office of Freshman Admissions at (585) 385-8064 or visit the athletic performance website.