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Adjunct Faculty Benefits

Our adjunct faculty enrich the overall Fisher experience. It is because of our dedicated adjuncts that we are able to offer the full breadth and depth of the student-centered educational environment that is the hallmark of a Fisher education.

In recognition of the many contributions made by adjunct faculty, we have made it a priority to set the standard for adjunct employment. Adjunct faculty at Fisher have significant opportunities to engage in the full life of the University, including compensation and retirement plan benefits, governance, and our new promotional model, among others.

Compensation Rates for Classroom Adjuncts

Compensation rates for standard classroom sections based on rank, level, and credit hour are reviewed periodically. The rates have been increased three times in the last six years by the same percentage as the overall salary/merit budget. Specifically, in September 2018, the rates were increased across the board by 2.5% for fiscal year 2018-2019. In 2016 and 2014, the rates increased 3% across the board.

Retirement Plan 403(b)

All adjuncts may participate in the Fisher 403(b) plan and meet with TIAA financial advisors (free) on campus. Adjunct faculty who teach the equivalent of 15 classroom credits in a calendar year, are eligible for the University's 8% contribution for the following year. Human Resources contacts adjunct faculty to let them know if they are eligible each year, even if not currently participating.

Governance Process

Adjunct faculty at Fisher are permitted and encouraged to participate in shared governance.

  • Faculty assembly membership includes adjunct faculty teaching credit courses, who have completed at least six semesters of service at Fisher in the previous four years.
  • Representation on Faculty Welfare Committee includes an adjunct faculty representative.
  • Eligible to attend department and University-wide meeting

Office Space

Each School has office space available or the option to request and reserve office space for adjunct faculty.

Recognition and Appreciation

  • Annual Part-time Faculty Appreciation Dinner—Includes two excellence awards for teaching and service.
  • School specific recognition including:
    • Wegmans School of Nursing annual recognition
    • School of Business adjunct faculty award

Professional Development

Adjunct faculty are invited to attend campus-wide professional development events including Campus Convocation at the beginning of each semester. Adjunct faculty orientation includes technical training (Blackboard, OIT, etc.). Adjunct faculty with at least 2 semesters of service to Fisher in the previous 2 years are invited to apply for funding of up to $500 to support travel, per program criteria.

New Promotional Model

In order to continue to recognize our adjunct faculty, a new promotional model was developed by an ad-hoc group of the Strategic Review Committee and approved in 2018 through the collaborative efforts of the Faculty Welfare Committee, including the adjunct representative.

Additional perks include access to Lavery Library, Athletic Center, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Healthy U wellness events, and employee discounts.