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Students and professors discuss student research on display at the Fisher Showcase.

Fisher Showcase

The Fisher Showcase was NEW in 2023! The event combined the annual Student Research and Creative Work Symposium and the Faculty and Staff Scholarship Celebration to bring together and celebrate our entire campus community of scholars and innovators in all the work that we do.

The Fisher Showcase supports and celebrates the scholarly work of our students, staff, and faculty and promotes conversations across Schools, disciplines, and departments enriching the intellectual vitality of our campus.

Over 1,000 student presentations have been held as part of the Student Research and Creative Work Symposium since it began in 2017. The inaugural Fisher Showcase in 2023 engaged over 180 presenters! We look forward to learning from each other this April!

Symposium Photo Gallery

2024 Event Details

The 2024 Fisher Showcase will take place on Friday, April 26, from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. in the Fieldhouse. Leading up to and during the on-campus event that day we will showcase and celebrate the work of our online students using Brightspace.

If you are a current Fisher student, staff, or faculty member - watch your email for important announcements and updates as well as how to register to present your work!

Students, faculty, and staff will share their work at this newly formatted event. Examples of work to be shared include:

  • student research (in-progress or completed)
  • published scholarly work (books, articles, chapters)
  • previously shared posters (internal, regional, national conferences)
  • creative works
  • experiential learning to include internships
  • class projects
  • student honors projects
  • new initiatives underway

2023 Fisher Showcase: A Sampling of Presentations

A sampling of student, faculty, and staff presentations at the 2023 Fisher Showcase:

  • A pilot simulation program: An evaluation of impostor phenomenon and perceived self-efficacy in student and novice clinical nurse specialists
  • Pharmacy Student Involvement in Improving Antimicrobial Intravenous to Oral Conversion Time in a Community Teaching Hospital 
  • Maxwell Utman: "'But Is It Art?': Dall-E and Computer Generated Images"
  • Extension of Tamiflu Shelf-Life in Strategic Stockpile for Public Health
  • Assessing the Effectiveness of Hypertension Treatment Regimens in a Rural Tanzanian Clinic
  • Math Magic with De Bruijn Sequences
  • Gene editing of the erythropoietin receptor to generate a low-cost model for human disease
  • Dismantling School Segregation in Our Own Backyard
  • Spectrofluorometric Analysis of Rhodamine in Cosmetics Products after Solid Phase Extraction 
  • Girl Crimes Are Resilience and Rage: Zines as Modern Tools for Social and Political Action Using Expressions of Feminine Rage and Anti-Black Criminality  
  • Gut Microbiome Manipulation & Enhanced Immunity in C. elegans
  • The Sensory Side of Museums 
  • Aroma Profiling Lactobacillus bulgaricus via Gas Chromatography 
  • Eat Sleep Console for the Management of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: A Process and Outcomes Evaluation 
  • Isolation and characterization of viruses from two lakes on the North Atlantic Fly Way (Montezuma and Onondaga)
  • Breaking Barriers: How 19 Yellow Roses Changed History