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Student Research Symposium 2018

Center for Student Research & Creative Work

The Center for Student Research & Creative Work supports students and mentors across the disciplines as they engage in the processes of creative inquiry, dissemination of their work, and self-development.

Student Explaining Poster at Research Symposium

The Center serves both students and mentors in a variety of ways that will support their scholarly endeavors. Summer research, travel support, presentation opportunities, and mentor development are some examples.

If you are a student interested in learning more about research opportunities, please reach out to faculty members in your major/minor departments or set up a time to meet with Dr. Picardo, Center Director.

Additional Research-Related Support

Responsible Conduct of Research

St. John Fisher University expects all members of the campus community engaged in research to do so with integrity. The Center for Student Research & Creative Work provides access to online training in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) for students. The Office of Sponsored Programs and Foundation Relations maintains records of CITI RCR training for faculty/staff researchers. Contact Center Director Dr. Kristin Picardo at to be enrolled.

Please also refer to the University Research Misconduct Policy [pdf].

Institutional Review Board

The IRB committee protects the rights of human subjects involved in research at Fisher. The IRB reviews proposals for research to ensure that confidentiality, informed consent, and safety are guaranteed. The committee considers any project which obtains data from human subjects as a project worthy of review. Please visit the IRB webpage for more details.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Fisher is committed to providing humane treatment and care for all of its animals, and to compliance with the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act and other applicable federal and state regulations. Fisher has appointed an institutional official and committee to ensure that these commitments are carried out. For additional information and/or questions, visit the IACUC website or email

Office of Sponsored Programs and Foundation Relations

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Foundation Relations assists faculty and staff in meeting their funding needs by guiding them through the grant submission process—from evaluating grant opportunities to reviewing and editing proposal drafts. The office also provides comprehensive post-award support.

 Research has been a great glimpse at not only how knowledge is applied from the classroom to real-world problems, but into professionalism and presenting as well. ”

Dylan Cornell
  • Dylan Cornell, ’17
  • Biology and Chemistry major

 My passion for research came from my love of understanding what happens around me. ”

Alex Freedenberg
  • Alex Freedenberg, ’18
  • BS Biology major, Chemistry minor