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Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is available for a variety of undergraduate courses during fall and spring semesters. There is no charge for peer tutoring.

Peer tutors are students who have completed the courses they tutor with a grade of B+ or higher and have received the recommendation of a faculty member or department chair.

Students in the Tutoring Center at Lavery Library

The goal of tutoring is to help you find ways to learn course material more successfully. A tutor can assist you by discussing notes, clarifying textbook material, and reviewing practice problems. Tutoring provides additional support that will complement and reinforce what you are learning in the classroom and is a collaborative activity requiring planning, commitment, and effort. Students receiving tutoring services are expected to attend class, participate in classroom discussions, and prepare assignments.

To Connect with a Peer Tutor

  • Request a peer tutor via FisherLink. You will receive information via email regarding the peer tutor you that will work with you.
  • Bring specific questions or topics to be covered and have a general idea of what you hope to accomplish in the session.
  • Tutoring may not be provided for a class in which you lack the prerequisite coursework, as tutoring cannot replace the material covered in these courses.

If you are having difficulty, it is always best to speak with your professor, who often will help with course material or offer strategies that will allow you to be successful in their class.

To Become a Tutor

Tutors are hired by referrals from academic departments. For details, contact Jennifer Thompson Stone at or (585) 385-8417.