Choosing a Major (Undecided)

Choosing a major may seem like a daunting task. With help from the Center for Career and Academic Advising (CCAP), it doesn't have to be. Let us help you explore your academic options.

Are You Undecided/Undeclared?

Choosing a major involves personal reflection on your values, attitudes, and skills.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Why am I in college?
  • Which courses do I find interesting and enjoy studying?
  • In which courses am I most successful?
  • What jobs have I had that I've enjoyed?
  • What kind of work do I find fulfilling (i.e. helping others, problem-solving, being creative, leading groups, working alone, being part of a team, meeting deadlines, setting my own schedule, etc.)?
  • Which majors/minors/concentrations complement my interests and abilities?
  • Which programs complement one another?

These are difficult questions to answer on your own. CCAP advisors are ready to discuss these questions and identify resources that can support your decision-making process. Make an appointment with a CCAP advisor through FisherLink, and explore the resources below for more help.

Take an exploration course

ITDY 115 Major Choices

This is a one-credit course led by a CCAP advisor that will give you the opportunity to self-reflect through discussion, take interest inventories, and interact with upperclassmen and presenters. The majority of students who take this course have the clarity needed to choose a major.

School-specific exploratory courses

Many of the Schools have 1 credit career exploration courses that go through the many options of careers after taking the majors in their Schools. Looking at careers can be a great way to decide on a major. A CCAP advisor can help you find the various options. Make an appointment through FisherLink.

Research Academic Programs

Academic Program Change

Using the Academic Program Change Request Form you can:

  • Declare/change a major or minor. *Note: Pharmaceutical studies, education, and nursing majors need approval and advisor assignments approved by the department.
  • Change academic advisor.

Research Career Information

  • Career Counseling - let the Center for Career and Academic Planning help you narrow your options based on your strengths and interests.
  • Career Checklists - what you should do each year of college.
  • Job and Industry Resource Links - an extensive list of job search sites and resources.
  • Networking FAQs - why network, who to network with, questions to ask, and more.

Learn About Yourself

  • Make an appointment through FisherLink to meet with a CCAP advisor.
  • Gain professional experience through working, volunteering, internships, and networking. Direct experience will help you learn about yourself and your options.

Schedule an Appointment

If you still need help after reviewing the information on this page, schedule an appointment with a CCAP advisor by calling (585) 385-8050.

Come to your appointment prepared!

  • Print out your academic transcript and review it for themes: strengths, weaknesses, concentrations of coursework, etc.
  • Bring a list of questions to ask the counselor.