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Ordering Textbooks Online

Now that you have your courses lined up, it's time to order your textbooks!

View Your Schedule

Students can do many things in Fish 'R' Net including viewing your class schedules.

Order Your Textbooks Online

  1. Sign into the Secure Area of Fish 'R' Net.
  2. Select Student Services & Financial Aid.
  3. Choose Registration and then, Purchase Textbooks.
  4. Select a term for your current registration.
  5. Click on View/Purchase Your Textbooks.

You will be directed to the Fisher Bookstore website where a list of books for each course will be shown. It will also indicate if no textbooks are required or if we are still waiting for information from the professor.

Reserve your textbooks by simply adding items to your cart and following the checkout procedures. Your books will be waiting for you at Orientation in the fall!

Not ready to make a decision? You can return to this site and review your book list at anytime.