Fisher Identification Card

Your ID Card serves as your official University identification.

You'll use your ID card as your dining card, library card, for access to residence halls, to get into sporting events, and much more. All St. John Fisher University students are required to have an ID card.

Request Your Initial ID Card

Students and employees may request an ID card through the GET app. 

Using the GET App

This is for new ID cards only. New students must be registered for classes to begin this process. 

  1. Download the GET app from the Android or Apple store (GET Mobile, managed by The CBORD Group, Inc.). 
  2. Sign in using your Network Username. This is the username of your Fisher email without
  3. Once logged in, click on the menu icon at the bottom right-hand corner and click on Settings. 
  4. Click Upload Photo. 
  5. Upload your picture. Be sure your photo aligns with the guidelines below. When ready, click Done to submit.
  6. You will receive an email confirmation, at your Fisher email address, if your photo was approved or denied based on the regulations listed below. 

If you are unable to sign into the GET app from your mobile device, try the online portal (  

ID Photo Guidelines

Beaks the Cardinal submitted the right ID photo with no hat or sunglasses, and is looking straight at the camera!

Beaks the Cardinal submitted the right ID photo with no hat or sunglasses, and is looking straight at the camera!

Your submission should resemble a driver's license or passport photo. Make sure your photo meets this criteria: 

  • Does the photo identify you as a person? 
  • Are you looking straight at the camera? 
  • Center your photo as much as possible. There should be a small space between your head and the top of the image. Don't tilt the camera.
  • Is your background a light, solid, neutral color with good lighting with no shadows on your face? 
  • No distracting backgrounds, please. Make sure your lighting isn't too dark, bright, or blurry, and there aren't any shadows on your face.
  • Is your photo in color with no filters? Save those B&W and other fancy filters for Instagram and Snapchat.
  • We love your hat, sunglasses, and jewelry, but we love to see your face more. Please make sure your hair isn't covering your face.
  • Your face is all we need.
  • Please no hand gestures or facial expressions (other than a smile of course).

Request a Replacement ID Card

If your Fisher ID card is missing, please visit the Safety & Security Office for a re-print. There is a $15 replacement fee for all lost ID cards.