Non-Academic (Medical) Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Process to Request Disability Accommodations

For a complete description of how to request accommodations, please refer to Requesting Accommodations. Information regarding the required supporting documentation needed for non-academic accommodations (medical requests) is described below. For academically related requests, please view Providing Supporting Documentation - Academic Requests.

Supporting Documentation: Non-Academic (Medical) Requests

  1. Complete and return the Disability Accommodation Request and Release of Confidential Information [pdf] to:
    Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services
    St. John Fisher University
    3690 East Avenue
    Rochester, NY 14618
  2. Download the appropriate disability verification form to be completed by the treating medical or mental health provider.*
    • Medical Disability Verification Form [pdf]*
    • Mental Health Disability Verification Form [pdf]* (use for anxiety, ADHD, mood, and personality disorders)
    • *Disability verification forms cannot be completed by a relative or friend of the student or his/her family requesting the accommodation. Contact the Health and Wellness Center at (585) 385-8280 if you are unsure which form to download.
    • Please Note: Clinicians may make recommendations for accommodations however, documentation must make explicit connections between functional limitations and recommended accommodations.
  3. Complete the Medical Release Form/HIPPA Authorization [pdf].
  4. Return the Disability Verification (Medical or Mental Health) and Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Private Health Information forms (from above) to:
    Health and Wellness Center
    St. John Fisher University
    3690 East Avenue
    Rochester, NY 14618
    Fax: (585) 385-8299
  5. When the documentation is received by the Health and Wellness Center, the student will receive email notification.
  6. Once completed information is received, the Student Disability Review Committee will review the request. After a decision is determined, a letter or email will be sent to the student outlining what non-academic accommodation(s) (if any) will be made.