Group Visits

The Skalny Welcome Center, named after Joseph Skalny, long-time friend of Fisher, opened in 2009.

The Skalny Welcome Center, named after Joseph Skalny, long-time friend of Fisher, opened in 2009.

Fisher welcomes group visits to campus throughout the year and strives to provide the best experience possible for every group visit. Given the number of visits on campus, we require group visits to be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Please be advised that there are times of the year when we may not be able to accommodate a request for a group visit (including but not limited to holidays, weekends, school breaks, etc.).


If you are interested in scheduling a group visit, please review the guidelines below before continuing to the Group Visit Request Form. You will receive a response from our coordinator within one week of your submission.

Advance Scheduling

The Office of Admissions requires groups to schedule a visit date at least two weeks in advance. While we cannot guarantee the date requested, we will make every effort to be accommodating.

Group Types

Groups of 10th - 12th graders are given preference. For these groups, we schedule a 45-minute information session and a one-hour and 15-minute campus tour. Depending upon the day and the availability of our student tour guides, we may have the resources to accommodate younger groups (8th - 9th graders). Those visits consist of a one-hour and 15-minute campus tour.

Group Size

Groups must be 50 students or less. Groups must have one chaperone present for every ten students. To provide the best tour experience, we divide larger visit groups into smaller tour groups. We require at least one chaperone to be in attendance in each tour group to ensure appropriate behavior on the campus tour.

Tour Attire

Campus tours involve approximately one hour and 15 minutes of walking. To ensure the best visitor experience, comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing are recommended. If any special accommodations are required for your group, please indicate those on the request form.


For the best visitor experience, please plan for sufficient travel time when requesting your group visit. Our student tour guides are very involved members of our campus community. Arriving late may require our office to shorten your visit based upon student tour guide availability. If you will be late for your arrival to campus, please contact the Office of Admissions at (585) 385-8064.

Code of Conduct

Visitors are expected to conduct themselves politely and respectfully at all times, and chaperones are to accept full responsibility for their group. If at any point during the visit the group becomes disruptive or begins misbehaving, groups will be asked to leave early and restrictions will be set on future visits.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lynda Fuess at or (585) 385-8064. We look forward to having your group on campus!