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Ed.D. graduates celebrate with two thumbs up.

Ed.D. Featured Research

Applied research through the Ed.D. program at Fisher leads to a doctoral dissertation. Below you will find examples of dissertations from recent Exemplary Scholarship Awardees.

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Recent Dissertations

Budgeting for Faculty Innovation

Read Dr. Crystal Hallenbeck's doctoral dissertation: New York State Comprehensive Higher Education Institutions: A Grounded Theory Study on Budgeting for Faculty Innovation to Survive the Looming Enrollment Crisis

Trauma-Informed Collaborative Practices

Read Dr. Ellen Howe's doctoral dissertation: Collaborative Practices Between Law Enforcement and Secondary School Administrators Through a Trauma-Informed Lens

Female Candidate Recruitment for Elected Office

Read Dr. Janette McCoy-McKay's doctoral dissertation: “Remember the Ladies” in the “Secret Garden”: Perceptions of Female Local Political Committee Members on the Recruitment of Female Candidates for Local Elected Office: A Descriptive Phenomenological Study

Teacher Preparedness for Cultural Diversity

Read Dr. Robin Small's doctoral dissertation: Examining Novice Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Preparedness to Teach Culturally Diverse Students

School District Leadership and Racial Justice

Read Dr. Diane Wynne's doctoral dissertation: School District Leadership and Racial Justice: Examining the Use of a Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Framework to Advance Equity Between Black and White Student Populations Within New York State Public Education

Clinical Supervision in Care Coordination

Read Dr. Nadjete Natchaba's doctoral dissertation: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Clinical Supervision in the Care Coordination Workforce

Teaching Soft Skills in Certificate Programs

Read Dr. Jacinth Hanson's doctoral dissertation: Employability: A Comparative Case Study Examining Teaching Soft Skills in Employment Focused Certificate Programs for Adult Learners

Perspectives of Critical Care Nurse Leaders

Read Dr. Johaun Jackson's doctoral dissertation: Recalibrating Normalcy: Healing Perspectives of Provisional Critical Care Nurse Leaders

Charter School Leadership Structures

Read Dr. Jason Mellen's doctoral dissertation: Charter School Leadership Teams: Exploring the Effects of Leadership Structures on School-Level Achievement

Mindful Leadership Development in Global Manufacturing 

Read Dr. Lisa Critchley's doctoral dissertation: The Leader’s Mind Matters: The Effect of Mindful Leadership Development Programs on Leadership Effectiveness, Mindfulness, and Well-Being Among Global Manufacturing Leaders

Motivation for Out-of-School Youth

Read Dr. Karen Kwandrans' doctoral dissertation: One Step Toward Success: Motivation for Reengagement for Out-of-School Youth