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Ed.D. Program Schedule

Courses in the Ed.D. in Executive Leadership program are offered sequentially, organized by topical themes as described below. Each course is 3 credits.

First Semester

MODULE I: Professional Seminars in Doctoral Studies and Executive Leadership

  • DEXL 701 - Doctoral Studies Seminar
  • DEXL 702 - Contemporary Issues in Executive Leadership

Dissertation Milestone: Identify Possible Dissertation Topic, Potential Problem Statements, and Research Sources

Second Semester

MODULE II: Leading and Managing Complex and Diverse Organizations

  • DEXL 703 - Research Methods and Design
  • DEXL 704 - Leadership and Cultural Change
  • DEXL 705 - Field Experience I

Dissertation Milestone: : Start Literature Review and Select Proposed Dissertation Topic

Third Semester

MODULE III: Using Research, Best Practice, and Technology to Lead and Facilitate Change

  • DEXL 706 - Applied and Action Research
  • DEXL 707 - Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
  • DEXL 708 - Field Experience II

Dissertation Milestone: Complete Literature Review and Develop Problem Statement and Research Questions

Fourth Semester

MODULE IV: Implementing and Evaluating Effective Communications and Marketing Strategies

  • DEXL 709 - Public and Human Relations
  • DEXL 710 - Assessment, Evaluation, and Organizational Improvement
  • DEXL 711 - Field Experience III

Dissertation Milestone: Complete Research Design and Methodology

Fifth Semester

MODULE V: Linking Governance, Policy, Law and Ethics

  • DEXL 712 - Public Policy, Law and Ethics
  • DEXL 713 - Executive Leadership and Shared Governance
  • DEXL 714 - Field Experience IV

Dissertation Milestone: Complete and Defend Dissertation Proposal

Sixth Semester

MODULE VI: Connecting Finance and Human Resource Development and Management

  • DEXL 715 - Finance and Resource Development
  • DEXL 716 - Human Resource Development and Continuous Improvement
  • DEXL 717 - Guided Dissertation Seminar I

Dissertation Milestone: Collect and Analyze Data and Draft Findings

Seventh Semester

MODULE VII: Promoting Diversity to Achieve Equity and Excellence

  • DEXL 718 - Leadership and Diversity
  • DEXL 719 - Guided Dissertation Seminar II
  • DEXL 720 - Guided Dissertation Seminar III

Dissertation Milestone: Finalize Conclusions and Recommendations; Complete and Defend Dissertation

Optional Semester (if needed)

MODULE VIII: Dissertation Completion

  • DEXL 721 - Guided Dissertation Seminar IV
  • DEXL 722 - Guided Dissertation Seminar V
  • Required for SDL Advanced Certificate:
    DEXL 723 - District Level Internship (3 credits)

If additional time is needed at the end of the eighth semester, candidates can enroll in DEXL 725 - Dissertation Continuation (0 credits) for up to three consecutive semesters.