M.S. in Inclusive Adolescence Education with Dual Initial Certification Program Requirements for 2023-2024

M.S. in Inclusive Adolescence Education

Dual initial certification includes:

  • Adolescence Education, Grades 5-12
  • Students with Disabilities, Grades 5-12


The number of credits is indicated in parentheses at the end of each course title. For courses with a clinical experience component, the number of hours required is also designated in parentheses.

Required Courses - 42 credits

  • GAED 528 - The Adolescent (3)
  • GAED 533 - Field Experience I (0) (50 hours)
  • GAED 534 - Field Experience II (0) (50 hours)
  • GAED 53X- Differentiated Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment in Middle School (3)
  • GAED 54X- Differentiated Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment in Content Area (3)
  • GAED 560- Research in Content Area (3)
  • GEDU 501 - Issues in Student Health and Safety (0)
  • GEDU 502- Differentiated Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (3)
  • GEDU 520 - History and Philosophy of Education (3)
  • GEDU 526 - Diversity, Social Justice, and Schooling (3)
  • GRDG 507 - Teaching Reading to Diverse Learners in Middle Childhood/Adolescence (3)
  • GRDG 534 - Literacy Instruction in the Content Areas (3)
  • GSED 501 - Inclusive Education in Today's Schools (3)
  • GSED 512 -  Management and Collaboration in the Inclusive Classroom: Adolescence (3)
  • GSED 515-  Education Technology (3)
  • GSED 556 - Field Experience III (0) (50 hours)
  • GSED 586 - Student Teaching Seminar: Special Education and Adolescence (0)
  • GSED 591 - Student Teaching: Special Education and Adolescence (6)

Clinical Experiences and Student Teaching

Clinical experiences are required for certification and the master's degree. Candidates must complete 150 hours of clinical experience before student teaching.

The semester-long student teaching experience may be in any grade between 7th and 12th. It may or may not be in a high-needs school/district.

To qualify for student teaching, candidates must:

  • Complete all degree requirements with the exception of GEDU 526
  • Complete the NYS requirements for the adolescence content area - English, earth science, social studies, biology, chemistry, physics, or math.

New York State Requirements: Adolescence and 5-12 Students with Disabilities Generalist Certificates

Candidates who are seeking the Adolescence and Students with Disabilities 5-12 Generalist Certificate are required to have 30 credits in a chosen content area, completed with a grade of C or better for undergraduate courses or a grade of B- or better for graduate courses.  Candidates must also have an adequate knowledge base for teaching the New York State Learning Standards. Transcripts are reviewed prior to admission to determine adequate preparation for the program. Candidates with inadequate preparation will be required to take additional coursework in these core content areas prior to the student teaching semester.

Note: The program requirements listed are for the current academic year. Past and future program requirements may differ. Visit the catalog website to access current and past catalogs.