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  • Student to faculty ratio: 12:1
  • Typical class size: 20-25
  • Fisher family:1


We are the sum of our corporeal parts. We reveal ourselves through our actions, the ways in which we communicate, the things we use and those we leave behind. Fisher's anthropology program delves deeply into how these factors, individually and collectively, make the human race … human.

You may participate in archaeological digs throughout upstate New York and around the world. Conducting and presenting research in collaboration with faculty at local, statewide, and national conferences is another highlight of the program.

Anthropology majors benefit from a number of unique activities and opportunities, from participating in archeological digs, to interning at museums or historical sites, to studying abroad in countries such as Belize and Ukraine.

Program Overview

As an anthropology major, you will receive instruction in all four fields of anthropology: cultural, biological, and linguistic anthropology, as well as archaeology. By completing 30 credit hours of Core and elective courses within this discipline, you will develop the skills necessary to:

  • Effectively discuss the question of what human nature is and learn how to assess human capabilities;
  • Describe developments in human biological and cultural evolution, and apply them to contemporary human concerns; and
  • Perform appropriate descriptive and analytical operations within all four fields.

Life After Fisher

Career positions held by Fisher anthropology alumni include:

  • Assistant professor of history
  • Staff archaeologist
  • Museum curator
  • Owner of a cultural resource management company
  • Museum collections manager
  • Student digging at archaeological field site.
    Archaeology Field School

    Archaeology provides insight into remote and recent times and places. Fisher's Anthropology Department offers two regional opportunities for archaeological fieldwork, in Mount Morris and Hemlock, New York.

    Archaeology Field School

 A major in anthropology is excellent preparation for any career. In my position as curator of a national historic landmark site, I have benefited from the knowledge about other cultures and the care of material objects, which I received from Fisher's anthropology program. ”

Kathy Connor
  • Kathy Connor
  • Curator, George Eastman Legacy Collection, George Eastman Museum, and Adjunct Professor at Fisher