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  • Student to faculty ratio: 12:1
  • Typical class size: 20-25
  • Fisher family:1


The ethics minor is an integral part of the mission of Fisher, as expressed in the motto of the Basilian Fathers: “Teach me goodness, discipline, and knowledge.”

The interdisciplinary nature of the program encourages you to think critically and constructively about ethics, morality, and character development. You will be able to apply this knowledge in a variety of pre- and post-graduation professional, cultural, and social contexts.

The ethics minor complements major programs of study, preparing students for the complexities of the workplace. The program also serves as preparation for graduate studies in numerous fields, including medicine, business, communications, social work, and law.

Program Overview

The ethics curriculum serves to enhance your critical thinking and leadership skills, so that you can develop creative solutions to ethical questions, problems, and conflicts encountered in your personal and professional life.

In general, courses stress:

  • The importance of ethics and moral leadership in creating a good life, academically, personally, and professionally.
  • Having a solid foundation of ethical principles, values, and norms, as well as the fundamentals of practical moral reasoning.
  • Critical thinking and leadership skills that lead to the development of creative solutions to ethical questions, problems, and conflicts.
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    St. Thomas More Center for Interdisciplinary Ethics

    The St. Thomas More Center for Interdisciplinary Ethics is an interdisciplinary teaching and programming unit within the School of Arts and Sciences.

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