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A student in Fisher's Media and Communication program records footage on a camera.
Film and Television Studies
  • Student to faculty ratio: 12:1
  • Typical class size: 20-25
  • Fisher family:1

Film and Television Studies

If you have an interest in storytelling and cinema, pursue a minor in film and television studies to learn more and appreciate the craft and aesthetics of these art forms. Throughout the program, you will also consider the cultural and economic significance of film and television.

Program Overview

As a film and television studies minor, you will study narrative, documentary, and experimental genres. You may combine theory and production in your choice of electives.

The program takes a multidisciplinary approach to the study of visual media, incorporating history, theory, and practice. You will develop a solid foundation of film and television theory by completing the one required class in analysis and then supplement with courses in media and communication, English, American studies, history, philosophy, sociology, or gender and sexuality studies.

Life After Fisher

The curriculum is designed to prepare you for a number of exciting careers such as:

  • Film, television, or video producer
  • Screenwriter
  • Film or television critic

Sample Projects

As a film and television studies minor, you will have the chance to participate in several production opportunities.

 Fisher has put me in front of a lot of important people in my field. The connections I made through Fisher are the reasons why I do what I do. They built confidence in me and gave me opportunities to showcase my work. ”

Josh Ramos

 I instantly fell in love with the interactive nature of media production, and it has awoken a part of my identity that I never truly realized was there. I have learned an abundance of skills and best practices that have prepared me to compete in the job market confidently. ”

Cameron Fernandez
  • Cameron Fernandez '22
  • Media Communication Major

 Film and television studies at Fisher offers students a program that joins history, theory, and practice. Fisher grads who participate in the film and television studies minor can then pursue careers in writing, production, or academia. ”

Todd Sodano
  • Dr. Todd Sodano
  • Associate Professor, Media and Communication

 In my advanced production class, we produced a pilot episode of a TV show. I was a producer. I enjoy the managing-aspect of the production; being able to oversee the whole project. It’s very stressful, but I learned a lot. You have to know a little about everything – so you can be involved in every aspect of the show’s development. ”