Film and Television Faculty

Fisher faculty are dedicated, highly credentialed professionals who consistently make the advancement of scholarship in their respective fields a top priority.

Professor and Chair, Anthropology and Sociology
Office:Kearney 311B
Phone:(585) 385-8220
David Baronov
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: UK and international; visual communication; film and television history; memorialization of history and culture.
Office:Fay 203
Phone:(585) 899-3822
Dougie Bicket
Areas of Interest: American studies; Philippine-American studies; multiculturalism; World War II-Pacific theater
Office:Basil 123
Phone:(585) 385-8216
Sharon Delmendo
Media Center Director
Areas of Interest: Media Training; field and studio production; project consultation; storytelling; content creation; social media
Office:Fay 208
Phone:(585) 385-7226
Cecil Felton
Associate Professor and Chair, Media and Communication Department; Program Director, Interdisciplinary Arts
Areas of Interest: Documentary filmmaking, media activism, analytics, fan culture, theater, and social change.
Office:Fay 210
Phone:(585) 385-7277
Jeremy Sarachan
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: television, films, documentaries, popular culture, sport
Office:Fay 212
Phone:(585) 899-3724
Todd Sodano