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Philosophy Activities and Opportunities

Diogenes Club

The Diogenes Club is an informal group of undergraduate students interested in philosophy and classical studies. The purpose of this organization is to promote philosophical discussion that is accessible to the general public. Talks, debates, and get-togethers occur throughout the school year.

Past events sponsored by the club include the discussions "Women and Children First: Ethical Dilemmas and The Titanic" and "What Is the Meaning of Life?" The club also has presented screenings and discussions of the films "V is for Vendetta" and "The Dark Knight."

The club is named in honor of Diogenes the Cynic, who was referred to as "Socrates Gone Mad.” Diogenes enjoyed provoking discussion on all sorts of topics.

World Philosophy Day

Held annually on the third Thursday of November, Philosophy Day is observed throughout the world as an occasion for people to reflect upon the importance of critical thinking, world peace, international cooperation, and the love of wisdom. Each year, St. John Fisher College celebrates the event with a day of roundtable discussions, skits, musical events, and other related activities.

Professors and students from throughout the entire campus come together and connect with an international intellectual community. Past topics for the day include social justice, digital philosophy, and ethics and economics.