New First-Year and Transfer Students

Residence hall living is cited by many as great for expanding their network of friends right from the start. Find out everything you need to know about getting settled on campus.

Double Room Selection

Double room selection is XXX. Double rooms are selected in order based on the group selection number for the pair of roommates. Students who choose a double room without a roommate will be ordered by their room selection number.

In Dorsey and Keough Hall, doubles will be assigned gender based on the percentage of applicants' genders (e.g. if 45% of eligible applicants are female, 45% of rooms will be female). Once you sign into a double room with your roommate, you may not "swap" roommates with another room after housing selection.

Available Buildings

  • Dorsey
  • Keough
  • Michaelhouse
  • Murphy

Note: If there are any connecting rooms still available in Murray Hall or Ward Hall at the time of double room selection, they will be available as double rooms.

Suite, Connecting, and Standard Triple Room Selection

Suite, connecting, and standard triple room selection is XXX. Suites, connecting, and standard triple rooms are chosen in order based on your group selection number. If you do not choose a room, or if the choice is unavailable to you during your group selection time, you will be reset to choose during double room selection. You will need to tell us at who the pairs of roommates will be no later than 4:30 p.m., XXX.

If you do not choose a suite, connecting room, or standard triple, you will be reset to choose during double room selection. You will need to tell us at who the roommate pairs are and who will act as the group leader by 4:30 p.m., XXX so we can assign you a date and time for double room selection.

Available Buildings


  • Founders: 36 suites (gender based on % of applicants); not available to students in Housing Tier FY2

Connecting Rooms

  • Murray: 24 connecting rooms for women
  • Ward: 22 connecting rooms (gender based on percentage of applicants)

Standard Triples

  • Murphy: 1 female standard triple
  • Ward: 1 (male or female)