DePeters Family Center Spaces

The Center incorporates a number of unique and innovative spaces. These spaces are used to model best practices and support faculty in professional development experiences.

Professional Development and Prototype Classroom

The Center incorporates a model active learning classroom of the future which includes a flexible layout, mobile-friendly technology, and work areas that allow for movement during the learning process. The space is used for professional development opportunities where faculty can learn the latest technology skills and pedagogical strategies with a special focus on active learning teaching strategies. The principles and best practices acquired through the work in this space will be used to influence the design of learning spaces throughout the campus.

Recording Studio

The recording studio is a state-of-the-art audio and video studio used by faculty and staff to create high-quality course materials. The studio includes a PC, a Mac, cameras, microphones, and a green screen. After an orientation to the space, faculty can utilize the room independently to create professional course content.

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Recording Studio Documentation & Video Tutorial

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