DePeters Family Center Teaching Excellence

At the DePeters Family Center, we understand that technology is a powerful tool in the realm of education. However, we believe that pedagogy should drive the use of technology, not the other way around. Our approach ensures that technological advancements in education are always purposeful, enhancing the learning experience while staying rooted in strong pedagogical foundations. We believe in the power of collaboration to foster exceptional teaching methods. Our Center serves as a hub where ideas, expertise, and the passion for teaching converge. By working closely with our faculty, we develop and implement instructional strategies that are not just cutting-edge, but also deeply impactful.

Explore the resources curated by DePeters Family Center on some of the main areas of focus on our campus related to teaching excellence:

  • Teaching Online & Hybrid Education

    A student wearing a Fisher sweatshirt studies at a computer surrounded by fall foliage.

    Our online learning courses are delivered mainly through our campus course management system, Brightspace, enhanced with various educational technologies for a comprehensive learning experience.

    Teaching Online & Hybrid Education
  • Inclusive Teaching

    A professor teaches a small class from an iPad near a screen.

    Inclusive teaching is a self-reflective process of evaluating our own teaching practices with the goal of creating an equitable learning environment that supports all students.

    Inclusive Teaching