Generative AI Advisory Board

AI Advisory Board Overview

The AI Advisory Board members share input with the DePeters Family Center staff and disseminate the work of the Center to their respective areas of campus.

AI Advisory Board Mission

Our mission is to evaluate the rapidly changing landscape of AI tools and recommend best practices related to the ethical and responsible use of generative AI for faculty, staff, and students across campus. We strive to utilize AI tools and methodologies to streamline administrative processes, enhance teaching methods, and facilitate personalized learning experiences to ensure Fisher stays competitive in a changing higher education landscape. We are committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation, preparing our students for the challenges and opportunities of the AI era. 

AI Advisory Board Objectives

  1. Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with campus stakeholders including students, faculty, and staff to understand their needs, concerns, and perspectives on the use of AI at Fisher.
  2. Policy Review and Development: Evaluate existing policies and recommend revisions as needed that govern the use of AI across the University. 
  3. Tool Evaluation: Evaluate the rapidly changing landscape of AI tools to identify and recommend tools to support Fisher’s mission and strategic plan. 
  4. Professional Development: Offer professional development opportunities to students, faculty, and staff on the ethical use of AI tools. This includes understanding the capabilities and limitations of AI, potential risks and benefits, and best practices for safe use.

AI Advisory Board Role

The advisory board consists of faculty, staff, and students with representation from across campus. This group provides input to the AI Working Group on how AI tools are being used or could be used in their respective areas. This group will meet approximately twice during each of the fall and spring semesters. 

AI Advisory Board Members

Alec Berenbaum
Visiting Assistant Professor
Mia Breitkopf
Coordinator of Instruction and Research Services
Emily Colliss
Associate Director, Institute for Civic and Community Engagement
Kelly Conn
Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Administration
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Chief Information Security Officer
Vivek Dave
Associate Professor
Daniel Dickerson
Senior Web Designer
Katy Festa
Director of Donor Engagement
Carmen Filippi
Student Government Association Director of Academic Affairs
Sr. Systems Administrator
Eileen Lynd-Balta
Associate Provost and Professor
Timothy Madigan
Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy and Classical Studies
Mark McKinzie
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics, Computer Science
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Chief Information Officer
Jonathan Millen
Assistant Professor
Ben Nui
Associate Professor
Kristin Picardo
Assistant Provost, Office of Sponsored Programs; Director, Center for Student Research and Creative Work
Leah Richards
Director of Advancement Services
Dave Roberts
Director of Admissions Operations
Jessica Robinson
Visiting Assistant Professor
Katie Sabourin
Assistant Vice President for Digital Learning
Tara Sacco
Graduate Program Chair
Robin Schmid
Senior Training Support Specialist
Sukruth Suresh
Assistant Professor
Jennifer Thompson Stone
Writing and Tutoring Center Director
Derek Wigle
Director of Residential Life
Tyler Woodward
Educational Content Developer