Staff and Faculty Fellows

Staff | Faculty Fellows


Educational Technologist
Areas of Interest: Brightspace, VoiceThread, Turnitin, and use of iPads for teaching and learning
Office:DePeters Family Center G204G
Phone:(585) 899-3845
Emma Daitz
Assistant Vice President for Digital Learning
Areas of Interest: Online and hybrid program strategy, use of iPads for teaching and learning, learning space design and implementation, continuing and professional education via Fisher Next, artificial intelligence and its impact on higher education
Office:DePeters Family Center G204A
Phone:(585) 385-7245
Katie Sabourin
Senior Training Support Specialist
Areas of Interest: Faculty, staff, and student training and support on Zoom, Qualtrics, Ensemble, MS Office productivity software, new employee training, and more.
Phone:(585) 385-8409
Robin Schmid
Educational Content Developer
Areas of Interest: Online/hybrid program and course design; curriculum, instruction, and assessment development and design; Brightspace; Fisher Next; Articulate 360
Office:DePeters Family Center G204D
Phone:(585) 385-7311
Tyler Woodward

Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows offer workshops, facilitate events, consult with colleagues and support projects within the Center. Each Faculty Fellow has a unique area of focus based on their own expertise and campus initiatives.

Apple Faculty Fellow

Areas of Interest: Cell to Cell communication: Endocrinology, Pharmacology, and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
Office:ISHS 205
Phone:(585) 385-7289
Edward Freeman

Active Learning Faculty Fellow

Areas of Interest: Scholarship of teaching and learning, curriculum design, assessment, sport sociology focusing on gender, activism, and diversity.
Office:Basil 117
Phone:(585) 899-3803
Emily Dane-Staples

OER Faculty Fellow

Associate Professor
Office:ISHS 213
Phone:(585) 385-5299
Kaitlin Bonner