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M.S. in Education Success Stories

The value of a Fisher education is evident in personal stories of success told by students and alumni. Read what they have to say about the program and what they gained from their experience.

Kimberly Brown '16

ELA Teacher, Rochester City School District

Kimberly Brown

Kimberly Brown

Fisher's seamless application and smooth admissions process helped to convince Kimberly Brown to choose Fisher over other schools with similar programs. The convenient schedule and small class sizes helped with her decision as well.

Once in the program, she realized quickly that the faculty were "phenomenal" – and said they were knowledgeable, supportive, open-minded, dedicated, and most importantly, they worked hard to involve and evolve every single student.

"I loved each field placement and it was in these field experiences that I gathered many of the resources I use in my own classroom today."

Mark Denecke '09

5th Grade Teacher, East Rochester Elementary School

Mark Denecke

Mark Denecke

Mark Denecke says he was drawn to Fisher's graduate offerings in the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education in part because of the schedule and convenience, but even more so because of the values of School. He "believes strongly" in social justice, and he was pleased to see his impression of the program to become his reality as he saw right away that the program was focused on training teachers to provide opportunity to all students.

He said Fisher's faculty were supportive and inspiring, and that his 20-month journey alongside his supportive cohort was a vital piece of his experience. He also enjoyed the diverse student teacher placements he was able to experience.

"My Fisher experience was a whirlwind, exciting, frightening, inspiring, all undertaken while working and with young children. I wouldn't change one bit of the experience or where it has led me."

Abigail Jones '14

Special Education Teacher, Indian Landing Elementary School

Abigail Jones

Abigail Jones

After earning her dual certification in special education and general education at Fisher, Abigail Jones now works as a special education teacher at Indian Landing Elementary School in the Penfield Central School District.

During her time at Fisher, she was able to have multiple field placements that were diverse in grade level and location. Although she worked in both urban and suburban environments, Abigail gave special credit to her observation hours and student teaching placement in the Rochester City School District. Her experience there, in combination with her social justice coursework, helped her develop a well-rounded perspective ready for life after graduation.

"My favorite thing about the program was moving through my classes with my cohort," she said. "The structure of the program allowed us to really become close and support one another, and our diversity added so much to my learning and professional connections."

Kerri Kephart '16

6th Grade Science Teacher, Greece Athena Middle School

Kerri Kephart

Kerri Kephart

Several years after attending Greece Athena Middle School as a student, Kerri Kephart is back where her passion for education began, now working as a sixth grade science teacher.

After completing her undergraduate degree at Keuka College, Kerri was accepted to Fisher in the spring of 2014. During her short transition period between attending Keuka and starting at Fisher, there were drastic changes in standards, Common Core, technology, and ways of teaching students. Though graduating Fisher just a year later in May 2015, Kerri says the professors at Fisher helped her understand these changes and pushed her to achieve success.

"Teaching has always been a dream of mine, and thanks to the wonderful professors in the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education, I get to have that dream come true every day."

Brittany Kruep '18

Inclusive Adolescence Education, Actuarial Mathematics Graduate

Brittany Kruep

Brittany Kruep

Brittany Kruep transferred from SUNY Cortland in order to take advantage of Fisher’s smaller class size and dedicated faculty. A double major in the inclusive adolescent education program and the actuarial mathematics program, she acknowledges that it’s a lot of work, but loves the hands-on opportunities she had during her field experiences.

Brittany shares that each school provides a new perspective on the everyday challenges faced by teachers in the field, and that building connections with experienced teachers helps her feel confident she can reach out to them for advice once she begins her student teaching. She also enjoyed having the chance to develop and test new lessons in the classroom.

Brittany’s favorite thing about Fisher is the faculty and staff in the Ralph C. Wilson School of Education, sharing, “They make you feel so supported, and really want you to succeed.” She urges students to build relationships with their professors in order to have a strong support system during college and after graduation.