Golisano Institute History

The Golisano Institute for Developmental Disability Nursing at St. John Fisher University was established in 2018 with support from The B. Thomas Golisano Foundation and a personal donation from Tom Golisano. Since its inception, the Institute has grown to include four faculty members and other interdisciplinary experts in disabilities studies. Four staff members round out the team and provide technology, marketing, and project management support under the leadership of the executive director, associate director, and chief operating officer. 

Since 2018, the Institute has moved the forefront of healthcare advocacy for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. From enriching pre-existing nursing programs to developing future nursing leaders, the Golisano Institute has laid a strong foundation for steady growth. In addition, the Institute has developed a network of nursing and interprofessional organizations with a common mission of transforming health and healthcare experiences of individuals with IDD.

With a grand vision and a team of champions to support it, the Institute plans to continue to be a leading force down the long path of healthcare equity for individuals with IDD.