Golisano Institute Partners

The Golisano Institute for Developmental Disability Nursing is proud to have multiple partnerships with impactful organizations in our local community, as well as throughout the United States and internationally.

National Partners

We collaborate with several national partners to achieve our mission of promoting health equity for individuals with IDD. This includes academic health education programs, universities, professional associations, as well as other organizations who provide health services and education.

International Partners

IDD healthcare is a global issue that requires a global reach. Our international partners include academic institutions and health services organizations in Canada and Ireland.

IDD Health Equity Consortium (PATH-PWIDD)

The Golisano Institute is a core member of the national IDD Health Equity Consortium, also known as Partnering to Transform Health Outcomes With Persons With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (PATH-PWIDD). IDD Health Equity is a five-year, grant-funded project to create high-impact and inclusive learning materials to educate health care professionals and in doing so, improve health care outcomes for individuals with IDD. 

Visit the IDD Health Equity Consortium website for more information.