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Resources for Nurses 

A nurse taking a patient's blood pressure.

Explore Golisano Institute resources for practicing nurses, undergraduate nursing students, and health care professionals seeking to develop and strengthen their skills and knowledge about providing care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Resources include continuing education, undergraduate IDD-centered content, and an NP residency curriculum for professionals working in primary care settings.

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Resources for Caregivers

A home care assistant helps a man in a chair.

Explore a collection of educational resources to address health and wellness needs faced by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and their caregivers. The resources have been created for use by friends, family, and caregivers of individuals with IDD who may be involved in full-time or incidental care. 

Topics covered include mask desensitization, social distancing, recognizing signs of illness, and more. These skills are relevant during a pandemic, but their application can extend to other common challenges for individuals with IDD.

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Resources for Self-Advocates

A smiling man in a blue polo shirt, wearing glasses.

The Golisano Institute promotes the stories and experiences of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to help medical professionals develop a deeper understanding of what it means to live with IDD and what can be done to improve the quality of health care for individuals with IDD.  

Explore self-advocacy resources and learn how to get involved with the institute.

Explore Resources for Self-Advocates