About Lavery Library

The Charles J. Lavery Library meets the information needs of 21st century students. A blend of traditional and electronic resources covering a broad range of subjects is available to the Fisher community. The Library’s print collection is complemented by an extensive offering of online scholarly resources.

A doctoral student described Lavery Library as "the heart of a college education." If Lavery is the heart of the campus, the staff is the heart of the Library.

The staff is committed to meeting the information needs of Fisher students, wherever they are located and wherever they are on their educational journey. A blend of traditional and electronic resources covering a broad range of subjects is available to the Fisher community. Lavery Library is not just an academic library. We have a culture of going beyond—where Library staff do what is needed to enable student success.

Fisher representation at the IUPUI Assessment Institute: Jane Souza, Melissa Jadlos, Cathy Sweet, and Nancy Greco

Fisher representation at the IUPUI Assessment Institute: Jane Souza, Melissa Jadlos, Cathy Sweet, and Nancy Greco

Our staff is committed to continuous improvement.  We believe we can accomplish more and get better outcomes when we work together across job and organizational boundaries.  We also collaborate with campus partners for co-curricular exhibits, programming, and professional presentations. Library staff participate in campus traditions—and create some of our own, like "Fisher Friday"—to celebrate school spirit.

Our staff members try to anticipate the needs of our students, like providing snacks during the stressful time of finals. We want our Library to stand out as one of the most welcoming places within Fisher—both physically and virtually. In all of our interactions, including with each other, we want people to feel accepted, cared for, and appreciated.

Lavery Library Vision Statement

The Library will:

  • Promote learning, scholarship, and innovation.
  • Provide the best contemporary and traditional resources.
  • Develop and share our skills to advance intellectual discovery.
  • Create a blend of academic and social spaces where people are empowered to connect with information and each other.
Lavery Library Mission Statement

Lavery Library actively participates in the research and teaching of the Fisher community by providing a responsive, collegial team committed to connecting people and ideas worldwide. In a welcoming environment, the Library innovatively guides discovery for a lifetime of informed decision-making.

Information Literacy Outcomes

Lavery Library supports teaching and learning at Fisher. Learn more about our Information Literacy Outcomes, which are based on a developmental model and include assessment findings.

Information Literacy Outcomes
Statement of Support for Black Lives Matter

Lavery Library staff affirm that ALL Black lives matter.

We condemn violence against Black People, Indigenous People, and People of Color, understanding that Black people share identities across the racial spectrum.

As library workers, it is our sincere belief that all people have a right to information access and literacy. Yet libraries do not exist in a vacuum, and we also have to acknowledge how society--and indeed, our institution—contributes to and enforces the systemic racism that poses a very real threat to Black lives. If we are to acknowledge our role in this oppressive system, then we must also commit ourselves to action that combats it. Lavery Library is supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement, and their goals for equality.

Lavery Library is more than just a library; Lavery Library is a safe place for all students— physically, mentally, and emotionally. We are angry. We are hurt. And it’s okay for you to feel these emotions, too. Whatever discomfort or fear you feel, your feelings are valid and you are welcome here.

We stand with our Black students, faculty, and staff.
All Black Fisher students, faculty, and staff lives matter.
All Black trans lives and gender expressions matter.
All Black lives of every sexuality and sexual identity matter.
All Black women’s lives matter.
All Black men’s lives matter.
All Black elder lives matter.
All Black children’s lives matter.
All Black disabled lives matter.
All Black undocumented lives matter.
All Black lives in poverty matter.

Sources: https://blacklivesmatter.com/about/

Library Staff
Lavery Library Staff in their Fisher Friday gear

The Lavery Library staff are dedicated, highly credentialed professionals who consistently make the advancement of scholarship a top priority.

Library Staff
Library Hours

Find out when the library is open and when services are available.

Library Hours
Library Maps

Maps of the three floors of Lavery Library.

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