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Dr. Mark Szarejko Faculty Information Literacy Award

Award recipients are advocates for information literacy, impacting Fisher students and other faculty to promote information literacy on campus and beyond.

The Information Literacy Award was last awarded in 2019.

Dr. Mark Szarejko Faculty Information Literacy Award recipients exemplify the following characteristics:

  • Assignments/Courses: Creates or revises assignments with a consciousness of library resources.
  • Collaboration: Seeks out opportunities to partner and collaborate with librarians; promotes a connection between librarian and students.
  • Curriculum Mapping: Incorporates progressions of information literacy skills throughout the curriculum of his or her discipline.
  • Professional Development: Participates or consults on events/workshops/training sessions/working groups that include information literacy.
  • Scholarship: Submits/publishes articles or presentations that include information literacy.


Recipients receive:

  • Award recipient's name noted in a book, purchased on their behalf for inclusion in the library collection.
  • An individual plaque of recognition.
  • A dining certificate for a Rochester restaurant.
  • Award recipient's name engraved on the Dr. Mark Szarejko Faculty Information Literacy Award plaque in the library.

More Information

For more information contact Nancy Greco, at (585) 385-8139.

To learn more about information literacy, please visit the Association of College and Research Libraries webpage.

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