Reserving Rooms in the Library

Lavery Library has several rooms that can be reserved. Reservation requests must be submitted through the Events and Reservations Department's Event Reservation Form. 

Note that individual and group quiet study rooms on the Upper Level are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Event Reservation Form

Reservable Spaces

L-100: Hands-on Classroom/Computer Lab
  • ITEC-equipped with 25 student PCs, projector, and printer.
  • Used primarily for Library Instruction classes.
    Other uses of the room include workshops and training sessions requiring computers, after first eight weeks of semester.
  • No full-semester courses may be scheduled in L100.
  • Open for student use as a computer lab when not reserved.
  • Room capacity is 35 people maximum.
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L-101: Classroom/Conference Room
  • ITEC-equipped with projector.
  • Lecture-style setup for 18.
  • Catering table in place.
  • Open for student use when not reserved.
  • Room capacity is 20 people maximum.
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L-305: Conference Room
  • L-305 is located on Quiet Floor.
  • ITEC-equipped with projector.
  • Board-style setup for 16.
  • Room capacity is 18 people maximum.
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L-315: Conference Room
  • Conference room – located on Quiet Floor.
  • No ITEC equipment.
  • Board-style setup for 12.
  • Catering table in place.
  • Room capacity is 15 people maximum.
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