Athletic Performance Faculty

Fisher faculty are dedicated, highly credentialed professionals who consistently make the advancement of scholarship in their respective fields a top priority.

Associate Professor and Chair, Biology Department
Areas of Interest: Motile flagellar assembly
Office:ISHS 207
Phone:(585) 899-3819
Noveera Ahmed
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Interrelationships between stigma, health, and wellbeing; the psychology of weight; pedagogical research
Office:Pioch 103G
Phone:(585) 385-8171
Kimberly McClure-Brenchley
Visiting Instructor
Office:Pioch 103C
Phone:(585) 385-7366
Brittany Broderick
Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology and Health Professions Advisor
Areas of Interest: Effects of handheld electronic devices on resting head posture and cervical spine muscle activity
Office:ISHS 213
Phone:(585) 385-8383
Jonathan Falanga
Professor and Chair, Psychology Department, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Areas of Interest: Individual and group decision making; improving teamwork; organization development
Office:Pioch 103I
Phone:(585) 385-8170
Timothy Franz
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: impact of technology on cognition; self-regulation in motivation; mindset, persistence, and quitting
Office:Pioch 103K
Phone:(585) 385-8109
Sara Goodman
Associate Professor and Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Areas of Interest: Mindfulness. Application of mindfulness in the classroom, mindfulness and college student well-being and academic success, mindfulness and diversity
Office:KEARN 203
Phone:(585) 385-8011
Melissa Goodwin (Ghera)
Visiting Instructor
Assistant Professor
Office:Pioch 103E
Phone:(585) 385-8474
Ozge Kantas
Assistant Professor
Office:Skalny A235B
Phone:(585) 385-7271
Jonathan Millen
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Hematopoiesis, developmental biology, cell signaling, genetics, CRISPR/Cas9, big data and modeling
Office:ISHS 206
Phone:(585) 899-3795
Zachary Murphy
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Effects of stress in adolescence on development of the amygdala and exploratory behavior in rats
Office:Skalny A237C
Phone:(585) 385-7273
Michelle Saul
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Skeletal muscle hypertrophy and atrophy; exercise and nutrition impact on disease
Office:ISHS 212
Phone:(585) 385-5257
Kathy Savage