Media and Communication Program Requirements for 2023-2024

B.A. in Media and Communication

All courses that apply to the major are included in the determination of the grade point average in the major. At least one half of the courses applied to the major—a minimum of 18.5 credits—must be taken in residence at St. John Fisher University.


Media and Communication Core – 22 credits

  • COMM 100 – Introduction to Media (3)
  • COMM 195 – Journalism (3)
  • COMM 201 – Communication Theory and Research (3)
  • COMM 231 – Video Storytelling (3)
  • COMM 251 – Public Speaking and Performance (3)
  • COMM 322 – COMM Career Seminar (1)
  • COMM 346 – Media Law and Ethics (3)
  • COMM 418 – Media and Diversity (3)

Advanced Writing Course – 3 credits

Choose ONE* course from the following group.

  • COMM 315 – Reporting in Rochester (3)
  • COMM 323 – Screenwriting (3)
  • COMM 376 – PR Writing (3)

Electives – 12 credits

Choose 12 credits of COMM coursework (at least 6 credits chosen at the 300 level or above).  PUBH 311 may be used as a COMM elective.

Note that electives to be applied to the major exclude any foundational core courses (Learning Community, Research-Based Writing, and Data Analysis). Students may count one internship (COMM 490) for elective credit. Additional internships count towards graduation.

Students majoring in media and communication may not major in public relations.

* The remaining advanced writing courses may be taken as electives.

Total: 37 credits

Inclusive Childhood Education Major with a Liberal Arts Major/Concentration in Media and Communication

Students pursuing certification in inclusive childhood education must declare either a second major or a concentration in a liberal arts field. Either choice results in a Bachelor of Science degree. Inclusive childhood education students who wish to pursue a dual major with media and communication take all of the major requirements as listed above, in addition to meeting all of the inclusive childhood education requirements (49 – 52 credits: see Inclusive Childhood Education for details). If an inclusive childhood education major wishes to concentrate in media and communication, the Department of Media and Communication has outlined the following courses that meet the New York state requirement for a liberal arts concentration in this field. Students must earn grades of “C” or higher in all courses in the content area.

  • COMM 100 – Introduction to Media (3)
  • COMM electives (27)

Total: 30 credits

Minor in Media and Communication

A grade point average of 2.00 is required of courses taken in residence in the minor.


  • 18 credits of media and communication courses, with at least 6 credits at or above the 300 level.

Total: 18 credits

Note: Electives to be applied to the minor exclude any foundational core courses (Learning Community, Research-Based Writing, and Data Analysis). Also, students majoring in media and communication or public relations may not minor in media and communication.

Note: The program requirements listed are for the current academic year. Past and future program requirements may differ.