NYS Coaching Certification Coursework

The Sport Management department coordinates the instruction of courses required by New York State to help fulfill the requirements for coaching licensure.

Anyone wishing to coach an interschool athletic team in New York within a public school must meet certain minimum requirements as set forth by the New York State Education Department. This includes all head coaches and assistants for varsity, junior varsity, freshman, and junior high (modified) teams; requirements vary by sport. The courses offered here are designed to facilitate progress toward application for a coaching license that is only valid within New York State at the interschool level. These requirements do not credential individuals to coach at the collegiate or professional level or in any other state.

Interested individuals should visit the NYSED website for full information on all of the requirements for coaching beyond coursework. Current Fisher students may register for these courses within their normal registration processes. Individuals who are not currently enrolled in a degree program at Fisher but are interested in taking these courses should visit the enrollment information for non-matriculated students.

New York requires three courses to partially complete the requirements for coaching in New York public schools. These courses must be taken in sequential order. At Fisher, all three courses are taken online and are graded as S/U. Coaching courses do not count as sport management major or minor electives.

Coaching Courses

Course 1

SPST 120 - The Philosophy, Principles, and Organization of Athletics in Education (PP&O of Ed)

This 45-hour course (3 cr.) is the first of three required courses that lead to NYSED interscholastic coaching certification. The course covers basic Philosophy, Principles, and Organization of Athletics. Specific job-related expectations such as public relations, safety procedures, school budgeting, records, purchasing, and use of facilities are introduced and explored. Through learning policies related to athletics and legal considerations of organizations and individuals, students will understand and establish personal standards for the responsibilities of the coach as an educational leader. (Note: This is the only course required for coaches of non-contact/non-strenuous sports: bowling, golf, archery, shuffleboard, table tennis.)

Course 2

SPST 121 - Health Sciences Applied to Coaching (Health Sci App to Coaching)

This 45-hour course (3 cr.) is the second of three required courses that lead to NYSED interscholastic coaching certification. The course presents a series of interactive exercises and activities designed to study health sciences as they apply to coaching sports. Participants gain information, organize it for professional and personal use, and apply it to their coaching areas. Content includes selected principles of biology, anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology related to coaching; risk minimization; mixed competition; NYSED selection and classification of athletes; and psychological aspects of athletes.

Course 3

SPST 122 - Theory and Techniques of Coaching (ThryTech of Coaching)

This 45-hour course (3 cr.) is the final required course that leads to NYSED interscholastic coaching certification. It is required that individuals have taken the first two required classes prior to this one. Beginning with a broad foundation of concepts common to all sports and in New York State athletics specifically, students will move to more specific applications of coaching in their specific sport. Teaching performance skills, technical information, organization/management of practices, training/conditioning, equipment fitting, and other tasks required by the profession will be taught, observed, and practiced through course tasks. This learning leads to a required field experience as a coach in the specific sport and/or observation periods with approved coaches.

Applying for a Coaching License

Upon successful completion of all three courses, candidates will be issued a certificate of coursework completion authorized through St. John Fisher University. Candidates may use this certificate, coupled with the completion of other certification requirements, in their application for a Professional Coaching License through New York State. To apply for licensure, applicants must utilize NYSED's TEACH online system application process.

For additional information, please contact the program coordinator, Dr. Emily Dane-Staples.