Health and Wellness Center FAQs

This page provides answers to common questions related to the Health and Wellness Center.

Patient Portal

What is the Patient Portal?

All of your documents and information relating to medical or mental health care, immunizations, and pharmacy needs are housed within the Patient Portal. You can also send and receive secure messages within the portal.

How do I get into the Patient Portal?

Access the Patient Portal with your Fisher network credentials. Once logged in, you will be able to enter your information and upload documents and forms, as necessary.


What do I need to bring to my appointment?

You should bring your Fisher ID card and health insurance card to every visit. Additionally, prior to a visit it is helpful, and it will expedite your visit, if you fill out the following in the Patient Portal:

  • Health History Form
  • Insurance information
  • A physical exam (a physical is mandatory for athletes, please see the information you've received from athletics)
  • Consent for Treatment and Privacy Acknowledgement
  • Wegmans Pharmacy Prescription Delivery Form

If you are seeking a medical service, you will be asked to sign a RHIO consent when you arrive for your appointment. 

Can I come to the Health and Wellness Center without an appointment?

The Health and Wellness Center provides care through appointments. Students are welcome to walk in, call, or email the center if they would like to be seen for care. 

We make every effort to see students either the same day or next day but this will depend on some factors including the nature of the request. 

To reach the center by phone please call (585) 385-8280.

You can reach us through email at

First-time counseling appointments can also be scheduled online through the patient portal.

Please access the portal and follow the instructions on the page for requesting an appointment. 

Does the Health and Wellness Center charge fees for services?


However, the Health and Wellness Center may refer you to outside specialists or hospitals for treatment or services beyond what we provide. You or your parents/guardians are responsible for all costs incurred outside the Health and Wellness Center. Your insurance plan may cover all, part, or none of these costs. In addition, lab services are outside of the Health and Wellness Center. Fees for lab tests are billed by the laboratory company and could result in a charge which may or may not be covered by your insurance.

Other Services

Does the Health and Wellness Center have a pharmacy?

The Health and Wellness Center stocks limited quantities of common antibiotics for dispensing by practitioners on an as-needed basis. In addition, our providers send prescriptions, if indicated, to the pharmacy of your choice.  

The Fairport Wegmans Pharmacy will deliver the medication to the Health and Wellness Center for you to pick up.

You can sign up for prescription delivery in the Patient Portal.

Can I get a doctor's note to excuse me from class?

If you are seen by our center and will require notification to your support network, our team will utilize FisherLink to communicate with those professionals. 

The information provided to this team is a general note and does not contain details about your visit or diagnosis. 

If you are having an issue with a medical or mental health care concern that is impacting your ability to be academically successful, you can reach out to our center for guidance. 


What if I feel ill or get hurt after the Health and Wellness Center is closed?

If you are ill or become injured and do not need immediate attention or care:

You can call the Health and Wellness Center’s main number at (585) 385-8280 to be connected to a registered nurse who can provide medical advice.

There are many Urgent Care Center within proximity to the campus. 

Additionally, Rochester Regional Health provides virtual urgent care services. Please click on the link below to start your visit.

If you ill or hurt and it is an emergency:

If you are on-campus, Safety and Security can be contacted at (585) 385-8111. They are the first responders for our campus and are trained in first aid.

If you are off-campus and have an emergency, please call 911 immediately.