Sexual Assault Information

Sexual assault is not your fault. There is help available. You are not alone.

Confidentiality at the Health and Wellness Center

Licensed medical and mental health providers in the Health and Wellness Center will maintain confidentiality of any disclosures of sexual misconduct.

If you choose to disclose to and/or contact a medical provider at the Health and Wellness Center about sexual misconduct, what will happen?

  • All information disclosed will be kept confidential.
  • You will have access to medical care as needed. The medical team will assist with any referrals that are needed related to your medical assessment.
  • You will receive immediate and ongoing counseling as needed, free of charge.
  • Health and Wellness Center staff will help you make some important decisions regarding your health, safety, and treatment options.

Self-Care After Sexual Assault

  • Get to a safe place and call someone you can trust, such as a friend or relative.
  • Preserve evidence. Do not drink, bathe, douche, brush teeth, change clothing, or comb hair. It is only natural to want to do those things, but doing so may destroy evidence.
  • Record as many details about the incident as soon as possible.
  • In addition to treating and documenting injuries, a prompt medical examination will address issues including pregnancy and STD prevention. However, a medical examination at a hospital can secure valuable evidence should you decide to prosecute at a later date. If requested, someone will accompany you whenever possible.
  • Get professional help and support. Regardless of whether the assault is reported to the College or law enforcement, it is helpful to seek support for a traumatic experience.

Title IX Office

You can also report sexual misconduct, discuss your options, and find out about additional resources at the Title IX Office.