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Inclusive Health Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Residency Curriculum

The learning materials are composed of five learning modules designed to be included in existing Nurse Practitioner (NP) Residencies. These modules are designed to educate NPs in inclusive practices for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The materials focus on the promotion of equitable and inclusive primary care for individuals with IDD. Emphasis is given to individual communication and participation, as well as modifications to primary care spaces and practices. Each module includes examples, knowledge checks, case studies, and an interactive simulation.

The first module focuses on defining the principles of inclusive health practices, broad-stroke strategies for achieving them, and covering issues and barriers that individuals with IDD face when pursuing primary healthcare. The second module focuses on health promotion, presenting proactive strategies for promoting the health and wellness of individuals with IDD. The general health promotion strategy includes positive changes to organizations and spaces, such as physical accessibility and improved training.

The third module covers the assessment of IDD patients, including important accessibility and accommodation considerations, examination strategies, and other special considerations.

The fourth and fifth modules go into more depth about individual care, such as sexual/reproductive care and behavioral health, topics of critical importance to individuals with IDD, which are often overlooked, ignored, or misinterpreted.

This content was made possible with the support of Special Olympics International.

Pilot Program

The new educational modules are being piloted by nurse practitioners at Highland Family Medicine.

Are you interested in learning more about the Nurse Practitioner Residency Curriculum and how it could fit into your residency program? Contact Dr. Holly Brown, Associate Director for the Golisano Institute at  

This program was developed with grant funding through a Special Olympics Inclusive Health Innovation grant and the CDC.

Interactive, Engaging Content

Immersive 3D nursing simulations complement and enhance course content on caring for patients with IDD.